Tuesday, 4 November 2014

In love with ponchos this season

Looking for a very good functional poncho can be tricky. A nice blanket of fabric to match over a pair of nice skinny jeans with boots or heel trainers is every woman's must have. They can be worn over a winter coat or jacket , for that extra warmth. We change our styles according to climateand it's  obviously   imperative to look fabulous no matter the weather and pretty much go with the flow. Burberry currently has nice ponchos BUT the price is a whooping £495 pounds, like seriously how many ladies can afford that? I found some really cool alternatives with obviously the same fabric used and features on Asos boutique.  If you are looking to buy a durable , warm and classy poncho, look no further and purchase the classic blanket of love , all at reduced price to accommodate everyone’s pocket including a free gift to add to it. Really? Theres a variety of them . Here’s the link to one of them . https://marketplace.asos.com/listing/capes/poncho-fabulous-plus-free-gift/1982770?mode=PublishedExisting .

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