Thursday, 13 November 2014

Kim Kardasian ' s interet breaking quest

Ok am all about news write now. Kim K 's images for paper magazine came out some hours ago. Paper magazine retails the magazine for 10 dollars for everyone to share Kim's body. Ok seriously i don't understand why Kim took pictures of sure nature after all the drama and set backs which of course brought her to fame. Why extra fame to break the Internet, with all the money you've made?
I am a lover of nudity and embracing your God gifted talent but Kim this pictures is a another ball game all entirely. Showing your bum and va jj is huge . I had some respect for you Kim but now don't really know where I stand, perhaps until I meet you, then i might have some explanation .This move isint smart , at least I could have endure half nudity as it's the norm in our generation but like they say there's a reason for existence , so guess what Kim , you had your reason.

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